Late For School

Today was a Productive day and I’ll tell you how I feel..

I feel GOOD. I am hoping this blog holds me accountable to complete my days not just sleepwalk through them as the famous phrase Warren Buffet is known for coining, “Don’t Sleepwalk Through Life”. I constantly lie to myself and tell myself that I was productive that day or this day. Overtime they all just become one in the same. I choose to document my days for the next five years so when I am 26 I can lets see have been productive at least 365x5x5 times! 9,125 times for the days of the year, the times a day, and for five years. This may seem like a small amount of time to be productive however let me open your eyes to something. If you drive a road back and forth to go to work you could exaggerate and say I’ve driven on this road 100,000 times at least! That’s fair right? Assuming you have driven on that road four times a day. It would take you 25,000 days and there are 365 days in a year that would mean you have driven down that road for 68.5 years!! MEANING you would most likely be 85 years old reading this or so and i highly doubt that!

Today I accomplished 8 assignments for school, catching up on some work. Absolutely. From 2pm-9pm working at Starbucks I feel GOOD. This means 8 productive things. I will leave you with this if you decide to join my challenge. Going to work doesn’t count as being productive, anything that you do on a daily basis as a means of life does not count. Me blogging does not count towards my 5 productive things. Best of luck to every champion who follows up with what they say they will do.




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