Simple But Productive

Today I feel GOOD. Let me tell you why.

I completed 2 quizzes and an assignment. I transcribed a page worth of material for future stories. I am planning on having a series so people can fall in love with the characters the same way I have. So by writing them down on a single sheet I can sort of map out what will go first. I am struggling with developing worthwhile scenery. I suppose I just find it not as exciting as drawing characters however I will find some happy places to draw and use some nice God given areas or man made places as inspiration. Who knows. I have written two potential Maha Moon and Boy books and have illustrated a return of I can Cactus within the books as well as adding some new characters for children and adults alike to meet. The last productive thing I did today was I made a phone call today to secure a job position I was recently offered and I well the future is bright once you open your window to let in the fresh air and sunlight!

AatroxCity LoL