Workng Hard But Not Enough

Today was a solid day as was yesterday. However I didn’t get home until 1am yesterday so here I am.

Yesterday I cleared all my emails which took some time to go through. I took a drug test at FastMed for the job I’ve accepted. The third thing I did that was productive was I was a non paid Chauffeur for my fiance to take her to school and get her license officially! The fourth thing for yesterdays productivity was I helped a friend sign up for Uber. Lastly I worked on drawing my books for about an hour although I should invest more time into it soon.

Today I worked on a business plan that I will fulfill as soon as I achieve getting two jobs I need to work 50 hours in order to afford my current life and my business life. I want to run well constructed ads ans I will need to make that extra money somehow and currently my job doesn’t offer overtime. Therefore I applied to two places today and I will call them tomorrow. I drove my family to buy some graduation clothes as well as buying my fiance 4 new shirts she loves. I finished helping my friend complete his Uber account set up. The fifth productive thing I did was I drew more to complete my fourth children’s book which will be coming soon. Within the next 6 months for sure.

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