I can’t believe it’s been literally a month since my last post. Life hits you with a “we’re not stopping for you” so often and its easy to get lost and feel like you haven’t really achieved what you wanted to. I currently have school debt that has crept up on me and now I’ll need to pay it back oh great! Although I plan on finishing up my associates degree which will allow me to request a deferment once more I am hesitant on pursuing a degree that will set me back more in debt without a clear vision of how this degree will give me a career I want. I know what I want. I want to make people happy around the world with laughter song and books. Not having financial freedom has definitely put me in rut. But I enjoy the process as Gary V famously dictates as his way of life as much as I loathe it!

Today I created a Fiverr account in hopes of running ads to market myself as a creator for the extra cash I need to pursue my dreams and live life. I am a published author and illustrator who wishes to use his honed skills to make money!! I will format children’s books paperback, hardcover and eBooks available for Ingram spark printing. This was my main achievement for today on my day off from my job.

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